Innovative Controlled Resin Infusion

Controlled resin infusion under a foil using a ciject infusion machine and IMPS sensor.

The new IMPS sensor makes it possible to control the infusion process by using a secondary IMPS sensor and read out unit to monitor vacuum levels and check droprate.

Allthough the enclosed video is showing the resin infusion of a small dinghy hull, the principal of controlled direct infusion is currently used to manufacture some of the largest production infused structures in the world with quantities of resin greater than 8 tons being injected by specially developed Ciject equipment.




Larger infusions often require multiple resin flow runners and a manifold is used to divert the resin from the machine to the various inlet points on the mould. The advantages of mechanising the resin feed include the removal of the manual contact with the resin and the prevention of “bulk exothermic reaction” problems.