Scott & Fyfe launches Polymat FR

Scott & Fyfe introduces Polymat FR, an extensive glass mat designed for RTM applications, as a new addition to their highly successful Polymat range.

Polymat FR will specifically be targeted at applications requiring the highest level of fire performance, such as EN 45545 and EN 13501-1.

Polymat FR consists of 100% glass core, which is sandwiched between two layers of chopped strand mat. Typically, laminates will achieve up to 40% by weight glass ratio, allowing for high strength laminates . Polymat FR is also designed to offer fast and efficient resin flow, improving reliability of production when used with highly filled resins. Polymat FR will be available in a range of mat weights up to 2300 g/m2 and will be suitable for a range of cavity thicknesses from 2-6 mm.

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