Acrylic resins

Acrylic resins have specifically been developed to eliminate emissions of volatiles. A water based Acrylic resin with mineral fillers is available. The main specificities of this resin system are:

No shrink

  • No emission – environmental friendly
  • Very high fire retardant properties
  • Easy / flexible processing: hand lay-up, spray up, resin can be adjusted for gelcoat application …
  • Resin system easy to pigment
  • Can be filled with mineral filler, reinforced and physic-chemical parameters amended thanks to additives
  • When cured, products show a very natural look and therefore imitations of stone or wood is possible
  • UV resistant

MCtechnics offers all the necessary products belonging to the acrylic resin system:

  • Base resin
  • Pigment Fillers (metallic powder, glass beads, light weight filler, sand and quartz …)
  • Reinforcement: glass fabric
  • Additives: inhibitor, accelerator, thixotropic agent
  • Sealer to coat the finish part