Close contour products

Close contour - paste

The paste is applied to a close contour shape supporting structure (low density foam like EPS or PU foam), cured and then machined according to CAD data. If needed, MCtehcnics will help you find a partner for Close Contour Paste application service.

Close contour blocks

Special blocks are produced in well-known board quality according to customer specifications (L x W x H) and supplied as customized and rectangular blocks (that can be processed with regular CNC). This offers you an efficient and cost effective solution for a modeling block at dimension without join, thus minimizing scrap.

Close contour casting

Our partner offers Close Contour Castings that are supplied as a three dimensional shape which is already a close contour of the final shape. Using a light close contour mold (e.g. EPS), pieces will be casted, demolded and post cured to be processed by CNC afterwards. Casting will be done according customer’s data.