Polyester gelcoat / topcoat

Polyester gelcoat / topcoat are specially modified resins that protect the composites against UV/weathering and chemicals. They allow for a nice smooth surface and can be applied with a brush or sprayed. MCtechnics delivers a wide range of gelcoat / topcoat based on polyester resin chemistry:

  • SEMI-ISO GECLOAT / TOPCOAT: based on a mixed ISO and ORTHO polyester chemistry
  • ISO GELCOAT / TOPCOAT: offering higher chemical and water resistance than ortho-gelcoat
  • ISO-NPG GELCOAT / TOPCOAT: specifically used for chemical resistant and under water application (e.g. boat hull and swimming pool)
  • VINYLESTER GELCOAT: for higher thermal resistance and outstanding chemical resistance (chemical resistance table available)

All those gelcoats can be obtained in the different RAL colours or can be developed to match a specific colour based on a reference sample. MCtechnics has invested in a colouring machine and therefore offers the unique opportunity to deliver in the Benelux within 24 hours any coloured gelcoat / topcoat based on ISO and ISO-NPG with a corresponding RAL colour.

Next to this standard product range, we offer a variety of modified gelcoat to suit your specific needs:

  • FIRE RETARDANT GELCOAT: to be used in combination with the fire retardant resin system – certificate available on request
  • ABRASIVE RESISTANT GELCOAT: Used for applications that will suffer from weathering and/or will suffer from abrasion
  • SANDING GELCOAT: Used for producing pieces that will have to be sanded prior to painting
  • BARRIER COAT: Specifically developed to avoid print through
  • TOOLING GELCOAT: Vinylester gelcoat specifically developed for tooling application
  • EPOXY-COMPATIBLE POLYESTER GELCOAT: Based on polyester chemistry, offering the UV resistance of polyester to epoxy, this gelcoat has been developed specifically to be used in combination with epoxy resin. Please contact our technical team for the specific processing method.