Polyester resins

Polyester resins are the most commonly used resins in the composite industry. They can be used for a lot of different applications where glass fibres are used as reinforcement and they can also be mixed with fillers. These resins are suitable for hand lay-up or spray-up processes as well as for pultrusion, filament winding, infusion or polymer concrete. MCtechnics delivers the entire chemical range of polyester resins:

  • ORTHOPHTALIC RESINS: They are the most standard resins offering a competitive solution when limited requirements are needed
  • DCPD RESINS: They have similar properties as orthophtalic resins with a lower monomer content releasing less styrene emissions during application.
  • ISOPHTALIC RESINS: They are used when higher chemical resistance and water resistance are required.
  • ISOPHTALIC/NEOPHENTYLGLYCOL RESINS: They are used for high chemical resistant and especially for high water resistant applications such as boat hulls and swimming pools.
  • VINYLESTER RESINS: This is the best chemical resistant resin. Used for the production of chemical tanks and containers but also for the infusion of boat hulls due to the lower shrinkage and high resistance against osmosis.