Light RTM

MCtechnics has been building through the years specific experience on light RTM and is now leveraging its experience to provide its customers the necessary:

  • INJECTION MACHINES MCtechnics can deliver injection machine suitable for polyester, vinylester, epoxy and phenolic systems; including all necessary electronic controls you might be willing to have. Our technical team is at your disposal to refine the fitness for use of the machine that will help you to produce efficiently your part taking all necessary considerations into account.
  • VACUUM EQUIPMENT MCtechnics offers a series of vacuum pumps and systems based on dry vane, rotary pumps for both Vacuum infusion, light RTM and VRTM.
  • ANCILLARIES In order to be able to produce with Light-RTM, specific molds and accessories will be required. We have the full range of accessories you might need readily available:
    • Mould inserts
    • Calibrated wax sheet
    • Mould clamps
    • Mould seals
    • IMPS equipment (pressure monitoring and control)
    • Injection valve
    • Temperature control unit