MCtechnics has more than 30 years of experience in Silicon rubber technology. RTV-2 silicon rubbers are two-part pourable, spreadable or kneadable compositions that vulcanize when the curing agent component is added and form highly elastic silicone rubber. They are cured at room temperature (RTV = room-temperature vulcanizing). There are two ways of vulcanizing them:

  1. In condensation-curing, a tin catalyst is usually used; alcohol is produced as a byproduct.
  2. Addition curing, on the other hand, uses a platinum catalyst and does not produce byproducts.

The extensive portfolio of RTV-2 silicone rubber products allows cured rubbers to be produced with extremely versatile, highly specialized properties. This results in a versatile, successful solutions portfolio for individual problems in diverse industrial areas, such as mold making, electronics and optoelectronics, household appliances, mechanical engineering and industrial process engineering, health care applications and solar/photovoltaic.
The generic properties of Silicon rubber are:

  • Easily processability
  • High long term elasticity
  • Outstanding release properties
  • Extreme reproduction fidelity of surface details
  • Heat resistance (200°C long term – 350 °C short term)
  • Safe regarding handling

We can provide you:

    2 component silicons (resin and catalysts) that cure in presence of moisture with volatile alcohol as condensation product. Their specificities are:
    • Material shrinkage due to volatilization of alcohol (0,2 – 2% depending on type of catalyst and amount of catalyst)
    • Reversion cross linking at T° exceeding 90°C Inhibition only by lack of moisture
    • Allow robust adhesives and sealants
    2 components (A and B components) silicons that present the following specificities and advantages:
    • Vulcanization without volatilization of product leading to minimal chemical shrinkage (no mass effect) and without releasing substances that could affect order or taste
    • No reversion of cross linking reaction at elevated T°
    • Inhibition of cure by various widely used substances (sulphur compounds / amines / organometallic compounds / unsaturated hydrocarbons) requiring controlled environment during processing of those silicons
    • Rapid curing, with pot life and crosslinking rate regulated via the temperature, or, in the case of UV-curable silicones, via the radiation dose.
    MCtechnics delivers all necessary additives that can be used with RTV-2 Silicon rubber (sold separately or integrated in the silicon rubber formulation) :
    • Inhibitors
    • Fillers: either inert like powder quartz or CaCO3; active like fumed silica or reinforcing to get high tensile strength
    • Silicon fluids to adjust viscosity and hardness (e.g. Silicon oil- Pigments past to colour transparent silicon rubber
    • Functional additives like heat stabilizers and antistatic