Catalyst - Peroxides

Peroxides are a necessary component for the curing of polyester resins and vinylester resins. A wide range of catalysts are available and should be chosen according to the desired reactivity:

  • Expected gel time
  • Exothermic peak temperature
  • Time to this peak temperature
  • Final curing of composite parts

MCtechnics delivers the entire existing range of chemistry:

  • Methyl-ethyl-ketone peroxide (MEKP): several products available
  • Acetyl Acetone Peroxide (AAP)
  • Benzoyl peroxide (BPO)
  • Ketone Peroxide mixtures (KPM)
  • Cumylhydro-preroxide
  • Peroxide mixtures

Our technical team remains at your disposal to provide you valuable advices.