Carbon reinforcement

Carbon fibre is used in the composite industry for its outstanding mechanical performance in combination with epoxy resin. Carbon fibre reinforcements are available as:

  • Fabrics:
    A wide range of fabric is available covering all weaving patterns: Twill (2x2 and 4x4 being the mostly used), Tafta (all types) and Plain weave. The range of weights available is from 80 to 1200 g/m². Fibre tex used to weave those fabrics is usually finer than for woven roving to give those fabrics a better aesthetic. Sizing of the input material define the fabrics resin compatibility. Carbon look structure will be obtained using a twill 2x2.
    As for glass, Carbon is used as input material for Non-crimp fabrics, also known as multiaxials. They are available in four different types:
    • Unidirectional complexes – in both 0° and in 90° direction. This stitch bonded material is produced with reinforcing threads.
    • Bidirectional complexes in 0°/90° direction.
    • Triaxial fabrics: 0/-45/+45° as standard but angles between 22.5° and 90° possible.
    • Quadriaxial fabrics: 0/90/-45/+45° as standard but angles between 22.5° and 90° possible.